Sesi Viral #1 Biennale Jogja: “Representation and Othering”

meLê yamomo will be joining the Sesi Viral Biennale Jogja focusing on Decolonization and Art Practice/Politics as a responder. The session includes Pak Daud Tanudirjo presenting his collaborative exhibition of women, Art and technology in the Pacific, and Cosmin Costinas about his collaborative exhibition The Ancestor during Europalia Art Festival. The panel is curated by Alia Swastika and Mashur Zikri.

Citing from the Biennale Jogja website:

“The discussion topic aims to frame multiple perspectives to obtain a better understanding of activities that research the interplay between contemporary cultures growing in the Archipelago and Pacific Islands. The conversation emphasized the connections between contemporary culture and local culture. This explanation is supposed to offer a critical assessment of the state system, non-governmental social and cultural institutions’ strategies, and society’s response to this cultural encounter: especially the way in which power relations have transformed historically over time.”

You can festival the biennale website ( for registration and further information!

Dr. LaVerne de la Peña at the Mulat sa Musika ng Kultura II

DeCoSEAS Project Partner Dr. LaVerne C. de la Peña of the UP Center for Ethnmusicology will speak at the “Mulat sa Musika ng Kultura II” webinar organized by the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology. Dr. de la Peña’s paper, “Crossing Borders – The Migration of the Mindanaon Kulintang” reflects on how the musical practice of Kulintang has become emblematic of Philippine ethnic and cultural identity among practitioners outside Mindanao. In this online lecture, Dr. de la Peña takes us down 2 streams of musical transplantation.

Date and Time: March 6, Thursday, at 3 PM (Philippine Time)


ZOOM LINK (Passcode: mumuku2k)