Photo: Ne’ Salombé, a Toraja ritual singer, listening to his own voice (Baruppu’, Sulawesi, Indonesia), 2000

Dissemination of DeCoSEAS’ initiatives and findings to non-academic stakeholders is a crucial precondition for the diversification of the dialogue about cultural heritage and existing curatorial practices. spaces and locations for the curation of sonic heritage that are largely public and freely accessible: DeCoSEAS enters and employs digital environments, theatre venues, workshop rooms, and social media to disseminate and shape its research findings. It invites attendees to consider issues of ownership, privacy, and power dynamics in such collective curatorial practices, raising ethical issues about the curation of cultural heritage.

DeCoSEAS aims to dialogue with a wide array of publics and stakeholders that encompass Southeast Asian audiences, Southeast Asian diasporic communities in Europe and elsewhere, and European journalists, educators, and artists. Formats encompass, among others, awareness workshops, (online) radio broadcasts, song contests, and theatre performances in Southeast Asia and Europe.