Outreach (WP4)

[Dialogue] | UK-coordinated

The Objective of Work Package 4 is to decolonize cultural heritage through partnership with museums and archives in reframing and disseminating curatorial practices through workshops, broadcasts, performances, and social media.

Dissemination of DeCoSEAS’ initiatives and findings to non-academic stakeholders is a crucial precondition for the diversification of the dialogue about cultural heritage and existing curatorial practices. The project outputs are disseminated through various media to reach new target groups. WP4 articulates spaces and locations for the curation of sonic heritage that are largely public and freely accessible: digital environments, theatre venues, workshop rooms, and social media. It invites attendees to consider issues of ownership, privacy, and power dynamics in such collective curatorial practices, raising ethical issues about the curation of cultural heritage.

NL outreach – Raising awareness in Europe

Annual outreach workshops, co-organized and hosted by AP Beeld & Geluid raise awareness in Europe of DeCoSEAS’ central issues. DeCoSEAS invites journalists, educators and artists in the Netherlands to interrogate notions of (self-contained) European heritage and selective guardianship of “universal heritage”. DeCoSEAS’ critical scrutiny of current curatorial practices serves as material for these workshops.

DeCoSEAS’ orientation towards hearing and listening is realized through podcast contributions about the interactions between APs, CPs and further stakeholders in the unfolding of the project. They foreground the variety of interests involved in cultural heritage curation and are broadcast through AP SOAS Radio. A music-theatre production of the Berlin-based AP Decolonial Frequencies Festival with insights and material from DeCoSEAS also employs aural modes of knowledge transfer.

FR outreach – Reaching new target groups in SEA

The organization of a song and/or remix contest for current SE Asian artists with sonic material from the archival corpora reaches new target groups in SEA. The contest format is hugely popular with SE Asian audiences and can take local, regional, national and transnational editions. Thus, the material is brought to the attention of local SE Asian music industries. These initiatives engender a publication stream of archival material in close collaboration with SE Asian APs and stakeholders, on those social media widely used in SEA (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat) to an audience that can employ it for its own uses.

UK outreach – Reaching SE Asian diasporic communities

Online radio broadcasts facilitated by AP SOAS Radio reach SE Asian diasporic communities in Europe. Diasporic communities engage with the archival corpora and participate in the dialogues on the memories, patrimonies, inheritances, and senses of belonging that listeners might connect to these sounds. Their engagement foregrounds the power of cultural heritage as a site of commemoration and identity articulation.