Dominggus Elcid Li

Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change (Indonesia)

Dominggus Elcid Li is the Executive Director of IRGSC (Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change) (2013-now), an Indonesian think tank based in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara Province. His research examines the correlation between the subsistent community and human trafficking. His research focus is in political sociology, in particular about the corrupted institutions and the fading away of the state, and its relation to subsistent communities. He is also investigating the problem of the urban poor as migrants from rural West Timor area. Using action research, he is also developing several urban movements including anti trafficking movement (2014-2015), urban participatory democracy (2016), and also developing the people’s bio molecular laboratory to face the pandemic COVID-19 (2020), and Research Institute of Biosecurity and Bioindustry. He graduated from the Sociology Department, University of Birmingham (2013).