Nicole Emmenegger

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Nicole Emmenegger is a Product Manager at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision responsible for developing and leading international projects for the target group Research and Digital Heritage professionals. She also coordinates the EUscreen network of European broadcast archives and sits on the Board of the EUScreen network. In 2021, with funding from Mondriaan Fonds, she co-founded the project Sounds Familiar, which, over several years, aims to examine how Sound and Vision can decolonise its archival practices and policies. Emmenegger holds an MA in Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths College and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Heritage Studies from the University of East London. She has previously worked for Europeana in The Hague and Historypin in London. 


The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV) based in Hilversum, The Netherlands, manages one of the largest digitized media archives in the world. Packed with (among others) radio, television, YouTube videos, objects, written press, podcasts and games. We preserve our daily growing media collection as cultural heritage for perpetuity. At the same time, we closely follow all movements on the global media landscape. Our starting point in everything we do is the importance of free media for our democracy. We work with a variety of partners, such as creative media makers, specialists, researchers, national and international universities. This way, we contribute to an open, free, inclusive and media-savvy society.