Pierre Prouteau

Postdoctoral Researcher, France

Pierre Prouteau finished his Phd Buddhism, Bodies and Machines – the Sound Systems of Thailand at CASE/EHESS and LESC/Nanterre in the fields of ethnomusicology and anthropology of sound and ritual. Through the prism of audio technology and by studying Buddhist and non-Buddhist rituals, as well as musical contexts of performance, he focuses on delimitating sonic ontologies as well as deciphering the roles and functions of sound, and sound systems, both as tool of domination and as counter-hegemonic medium.

His chapter in the forthcoming book Asian Sound Cultures, on The Dual Fate of the Twin Horns – from United States anti-communist weapon to the Phetchabun processionnal bands’ sound system (Thailand), will be published at Routledge. He has organized the tour of a processionnal band from Thailand, and has been a radio animator.