Pudentia MPSS

Chairwomen of the Oral Traditions Association (Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan)

Pudentia MPSS is Chairwomen of the Oral Traditions Association (Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan), the head of the Institute for Strategy and Community and Cultural Empowerment as well as Analysis of the Impact of the Cultural Environment at the Faculty of Humanity University of Indonesia. She completed her sandwich programme doctoral studies at University of Indonesia, Leiden University, and UC Berkeley on Malay Oral Tradition Studies. She  was a member of President Yudoyono’s EPG Indonesia Malaysia (2009-2011) and Expert Staff in the Indonesian Representative Office in UNESCO, Paris (2009/2010). Since 2012, she has been a member of the Indonesian Committee for Memory of the World UNESCO. In 2018, she was invited by University of Melbourne as guest researcher and panel speaker on ASILE (Australian Society of Indonesia Languages Educators). Currently she leads the Competency Standardization Program for the Intangible Heritage Expert Team, Directorate General of Culture The Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia. She has written several books and articles, among others Transformasi Sastra: Analisis Kasus atas Cerita Pantun Sunda Lutung Kasarung, Tranformation of Literature: Case of Sundanese Story Lutung Kasarung), Balai Pustaka, Revitalization of Mak Yong in the Malay World”, Jurnal Wacana , Vol 12, No 1, (April 2010)  and has produced several films such as the documentary films “Lifting the Soaking Trunk: Mak Yong (Mengangkat Batang Terendam)”,  “The Prayer of a Bell Ringer’s Child”,  and  “Chasing the Morning Dew to Europe (Mengejar Embun ke Eropa)”, widescreen movies, and “Bugis Heritage Becomes Memory of the World” (I Lagaligo).