Academic Publications (WP3)

[Agency, Dialogue] | NL-coordinated

The Objective of Work Package 3 is to facilitate scholars, artists and communities from Southeast Asia in formulating, editing and publishing new interdisciplinary perspectives on cultural heritage knowledge/discourse.

Access to globally normative publication channels (established journals, publishing houses, conferences) remains difficult for SE Asian scholars due to language constraints, a lack of opportunities to attend conferences, and incompatibility of scientific paradigms. These access hurdles have farreaching theoretical implications for how knowledge is constituted as power. For instance, many of our Southeast Asian colleagues observe that European and North-American scholars abundantly write about Southeast Asian music in ways that Southeast Asian scholars find obvious or unremarkable. Yet, to be accepted in a global exchange of academic ideas, our Southeast Asian colleagues need to cite these northern-hemisphere authors in their own work, even if they consider such findings irrelevant. Thus, they are forced to bolster the hegemony of northern-hemisphere conceptions of their heritage and culture.

DeCoSEAS facilitates scholars from SEA in accessing established publication channels and transferring agency to them in knowledge formations about their heritage in their capacity as researchers, authors, and editors. These efforts also serve the academic dissemination of DeCoSEAS’ research findings, encompassing its research of the archival corpora and its rethinking of curatorial practices. We envisage a joint publication with the three CPs, the Visiting Fellows (Work Package 1), APs, under the editorship of stakeholders in SEA. DeCoSEAS experiments with collective and/or dialogical modes of writing, multimedia presentations on the digital platforms (WP2) and the direct inclusion of non-academic expert knowledge.

DeCoSEAS facilitates Southeast Asian authors in taking the lead in selecting, shaping and editing material for OA publication, potentially bringing in new perspectives towards the curation, provision, and employment of their (sonic) cultural heritage.

DeCoSEAS aspires to gold OA channels and additionally argues for green OA channels at its academic institutions.