SEA-Europe Visiting Fellowship (WP1)

[Access] | NL-coordinated

The Objective of WP1 is to interrogate the colonial patrimony of sound archives by identifying access hurdles to cultural heritage and recommending access improvements through a SEA-EU Visiting Fellowship.

The Consortium Partners annually invite one to three Visiting Fellows from SEA for a three-month stay at one or more of the sound collections that are under the curatorship of the CPs in Amsterdam, London, and Paris, and sound archives of APs. The Fellow can be a scholar, artist, curator, or stakeholder of the sonic repertoire that they intend to consult for research, artistic, performance, curational, ritual, or private purposes.

The Fellowship is a pilot study identifying hurdles in the physical access to the archived material for stakeholders from SEA. During the visit, the Fellow keeps a log of how they managed to get access to the archived material. This access concerns physical playback facilities of sonic data as much as the availability of visual and textual meta-data in an accessible language. They report monthly to the CPs, participate in consortium meetings, and publish a blog on the project’s website with specific tips for accessing this particular collection. The regular briefing of the Fellow enables the articulation of recommendations for improved access for other (sound) archives and heritage institutions in Europe.

DeCoSEAS incorporates the Fellows’ research outputs in collaborative publication formats in the publications (Work Package 3).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic between SEA and Europe is impossible in the near future. The Fellowships might be postponed to 2022 and occur in quicker succession.