Eva Cuenza

The Philippines

Eva Cuenza finished her Bachelor of Music (Musicology) degree, magna cum laude,
from the University of the Philippines at Diliman. She concentrated on the Maguindanao
kulintangan performance under the tutelage of Prof. Aga Mayo Butocan. Her performance
minors are voice with Sir Jonathan Velasco and piano with Prof. Mita Antonia Fernandez.
She is trained in different world music performance ensembles like that of Kalinga
(Northern Philippines) bamboo instruments, Korean Samul nori, Afro-Latin music, and the
Javanese gamelan.
She has been presenting papers and writing cultural research entries including the
Cultural Center of the Philippines Online Encyclopedia of Philippine Art 2020 article about
kuratsa music. Her research interests include Waray music expressions, Maguindanao
kulintangan, and other gong music cultures like that of the Javanese gamelan.