Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives


DeCoSEAS is a transnational research project focused on hearing and listening as dialogical modes of knowledge formation in order to renegotiate established understandings of heritage curation.

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The digital platform Southeast Asia Hearing provides access to formative collections with music and sound from Southeast Asia. Building the platform explores the acts and decisions of curating sonic heritage.

Up to three young less established scholars, artists, curators or stakeholders from Southeast Asia are invited annually for a three-month stay at one or more of the DeCoSEAS sound collections in Europe.

Southeast Asian scholars take the lead in selecting, shaping, writing and editing academic publications, bringing new interdisciplinary and transnational perspectives to the curation of sonic cultural heritage.

The aims and findings of DeCoSEAS reach new target groups in Southeast Asia and in Southeast Asian diasporic communities in Europe. They raise awareness about the colonial patrimony of heritage among Europeans.