»Decolonial Frequencies Festival« opens on Sunday

On 19 September 2021, the »Decolonial Frequencies« Festival, curated by meLê yamomo, will open at the Theater Ballhaus Naunynstrasse.

Familiar sounds and terrifying noises. The fleeting fragments of remembered melodies, favorite songs, the noise in our home street. We live in our sound world, it gives us orientation, feeling, and energy. Subjective, intimate – and yet the acoustic perception is the result of history, of the colonial formation. What we understand as “music”, as “beautiful”, “harmonious”, “contemporary”, as “literary”, “relevant” or “true” is formed by a history of appreciation and depreciation of sounds, practices, and bodies. Our hearing, understanding, and sound creation were shaped in long frequencies, but stubbornness creates friction, waves of resistance, and echoes of solidarity. Can these clashing interferences register or yield sonic confrontations? Can changes in hearing, understanding, and appreciation be shaped?

»Decolonial Frequencies« is a series of events over the entire 2021/22 theatre season. More than 20 artists, black perspectives, queer approaches, Asian-diasporic occupations, post-migrant traditions, and voices of color, create numerous performances, lectures, and concerts in their constructed acoustic spaces – with critical amplitude, in gyrating oscillation, and in uncontrollable interference.

Sandeep Bhagwati‘s The Sound Of Misunderstanding – Dhvanivala‘s Sonic Explorations will kick off the series that will run throughout the theatre season 2021-2022.

The autumn edition of Decolonial Frequencies will feature Ariel William Orah and Bilawa Respati‘s Gaung – Unvorherbestimmte Resonanz and a piece I am creating with Eurico Ferreira Mathias entitled, “Overtones”. Check our website for the season lineup:

Join us in listening!

»Interferences Live« at the Museum for Communication-Berlin

Come listen to/watch Interferences: Live at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin on 15 September.

DeCoSEAS project leader, meLê yamomo’s »Interferenzen: Koloniales Scheitern im Radio«, premiered on Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio Art last December. After almost a year of repeated postponements due to the corona pandemic, the performance is now scheduled to be staged as part of the 100 years radio exhibition at the museum and of the Berlin Arts Week.  You can see the announcement of the event here: and more information below.

The live version will have updated scenes and will be “aired” in English. Thijs van den Geest will join meLê yamomo to perform live electronic music and trumpet. More information on the website:


This sound-performance piece listens to the interferences of radio history and colonialism. By sampling recordings of historical radio broadcasts from Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Asia, and composing them, audio interviews, electronic music as well as a live performance by trumpeter Thijs van den Geest, meLê yamomo ensounds the repetitive loop of colonialism’s failures into “Interferences: Live”.

With the help of historical radio recordings from Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Asia, the artist meLê yamomo examines how the last century of listening to the radio has adjusted our hearing to certain aesthetic and affective listening habits.

By removing technical, cultural, and psychological disturbances, we try to ensure an “unimpeded” – interference-free – transmission. Less noise through better technology – and at the same time drowning out the indigenous population through programming according to Western European standards? Is that the colonization of hearing?

yamomo composes audio interviews, historical audio recordings, electronic music, and a live performance by trumpeter Thijs van den Geest in “Interferences: Live” to set the endless loop of colonial failure to music.

The work is based on the radio play Interferenzen, which was commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur as part of the focus “100 Years of Radio” 2020.

Concept, artistic and musical direction: meLê yamomo | Additional sound design and engineering: Thijs van den Geest | Performance: meLê yamomo and Thijs van den Geest | Featuring interviews with: Elizabeth “Betsy” Enriquez, Teilhard Paradela, Vincent Kuitenbrouwer, and Harry van Biessum

The performance is free, but there are limited slots because of the corona regulations so please book your tickets ahead here: