Atauro’s Heritage Timor-Leste

The “Atauro’s Heritage Timor-Leste” Youtube channel is a part of a larger project by Dana Rappoport, an Ethnomusicologist at the French Center for Southeast Asian Studies in Paris, to catalogue and analyze the musical heritage of Atauro Island, Timor Leste. This data was collected from 2019-2023, and includes recordings of dances, musical performances, and other rituals and cultural events with a musical component. This project catalogues not only the musical performances themselves, but also centers them within their cultural context through interviews with practitioners and other ethnographic methods.

The Youtube channel in total has amassed over 15,000 views, exposing general audiences and interested researchers to the largely undocumented musical traditions of these communities. It serves as not only an archive of sounds, instruments, perspectives, and musical practices to be used by researchers but also as a practice-based ethnographic research project.

Selected Entries: