Fredrik Molin

SOAS Radio

Fredrik Molin is a DJ, podcast producer and researcher. He was formerly the station manager at SOAS Radio, an independent community radio station and production company based at SOAS, University of London. Fredrik produced podcasts for academic centres and NGOs and was responsible for the editorial output and training of students. He was also the research assistant to the head of the Philippine Studies at SOAS with research on sound material related to Southeast Asia at the British Library and BBC Written Archive at Caversham. He currently works as a media pedagogue with a focus on digital inclusion for marginalised groups


SOAS Radio is an independent online radio station and production company based at SOAS, University of London. SOAS Radio exists as an independent media hub for students, academics and like-minded communities to share their knowledge and stories.  SOAS Radio broadcasts and produces a variety of music and speech podcasts and radio shows with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle East. SOAS Radio also functions as a production company. Clients include the Centre of African Studies, PositiveNegatives, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Royal African Society, London International Development Centre and the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy.  SOAS Radio has acted as a consultant of Communication for Development projects in the UK and Africa and worked in the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana, contributing to the setting-up and running of Biso na Biso, a community radio station for the Forest semi-nomadic Indigenous People in the North-East Republic of Congo and JT Live Radio, Ghana, a youth-led online radio station based in Jamestown, Accra.